Friday, April 27, 2007

Zapping: Please Use Ancient Coin Culls

Interest in reverse electrolysis or "zapping" as we call it is exploding. We now have 650 members at CoinZappers and we add four to five new members each week. I feel I need to share a couple things with you about zapping that should help you. First of all, I invite you to join our Yahoo group at the following URL:

Next, I implore you to learn the difference in AC and DC electrical current as you explore your new hobby. Electricity and water are potentially hazardous! If you have any doubts about safety, please ask a professional! Also, I have schematics for building zapper posted on my blog and I have at least four schematics in the "Files" section of CZ. Please feel free to explore all the archived information on this blog and feel free to join our group and let us help you build a zapper.

Let's talk about zapping a bit more. I encourage you to work with ancient coin "culls." My thesis is that you don't want to subject your "good" coins to your zapper setup until you have learned to clean a crusty coin. I and other CZ members will be happy to share our cull sources with you. Typically a cull will cost 25-50 cents. I know we have at least three sources. I am often asked how one knows when a zapped coin is clean. I consider a zapped coin clean when there is no remaining encrustation. Once one learns to zap a cull all the way to the metal of the coin then I feel one is ready to try better quality coins.

I have zapped about 6,000 coins and I have learned to leave the patina intact for the most part. The coin you see above left is a coin I zapped and you will observe the patina remains intact. I genuinely feel that zapping is the kindest way to clean a coin. I do not like to apply metal instruments to my coins. Reverse electrolysis is a restoration method employed by museums to clean metal objects and that includes ancient coins. Again, I invite you to join us and let us teach you a new, kind and expeditious way to clean ancient coins. Thank you for reading and God Bless.. Jerry..

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