Friday, April 6, 2007

Can You Identify This Emperor?

I think very few readers will identify the gentleman to the left from this unusually unflattering bust. Other busts and images we see of this emperor are much more flattering than the one we see here.

I will give you a small verbal clue. The Roman Senate officially sanctified him as one of the Roman deities not long after his demise. I will give credit to the first reader to respond with the proper answer. Thank you and God Bless.. Jerry..


Susan Headley said...

My guess is Julius Caesar. =)

Susan Headley

Anonymous said...

Hey Jerry,
I agree...looks like Julius Caesar - but a possessed Caesar.
Icky bust.
Marie Whelan

Petronius Arbiter II said...

I've seen it before and I'm almost certain it's Julius Caesar. -- Your Petronius

g said...

For sure is Iulius Caesar

Anonymous said...

Julias Caesar, green diabase portrait,Berlin, Altes Museum
Brian B