Monday, April 2, 2007

Ancient Coin Photo Revisited

In my last post I asked you to comment on the effectiveness of the white space I used in the photo of my Groschen. I received lots of comments and I appreciate very much. I will now put on my artist/professor cap and share with you how subtle things can effect a design. I agree the white is fine but I am not happy with the intensity of the white. Too brilliant. I get a bit of "optical vibration" between the white and the hue of the coin and that disturbs me.

I am working at photographing silver and I have not achieved the success I want. However, I am satisfied with the photograph of the Groschen but again the negative space bothers me. The white is just too high in intensity and is close to dominating my positive element.. the coin. My solution was to drop the value of the white by one value and that is all I needed. Please take a look at the coin and you will see what I am speaking of. The coin rests rather comfortably within the design field and there is no visual competition with my positive element. I am very satisfied with the results and may or may not continue to play with other negative area intensities or values. Please contrast the photo we see in this article with the one below.

Effective design is a very subtle thing and many intuitively understand while some have to work at acquiring design skills. One other thing. We may like a singers' voice but not like the song he/she is singing. I don't think anyone will argue with the success of my design but one may not like the "song." I hope this exercise has been meaningful to you. Please let me know and God Bless.. Jerry..

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