Friday, April 13, 2007

Pristine Ancient Coin: A Zapper's Delight

The coin you see to the right is one I recently cleaned with a group of other crusties. I have shared with you that I check coins pretty often when zapping. Although this coin had a thick hard crust, the crust opened up and fell away within fifteen minutes. I call this phenomenon the "Clam Shell Effect." It is almost like a clam shell opening and the two sides falling to the floor of my zapper.
The action is so exciting! When the Clam shell Effect does occur, I can see evidence of where the crust has parted and fallen away. Very often, I am left with a near mint coin with patina intact dangling from my clip. Again, please see the photograph. I don't understand why others don't use reverse electrolysis with the heavy crusties. I find it to incredibly fascinating.! If interested in our zapping techniques, please join us at Thank you for reading and I will appreciate any feedback.. God Bless.. Jerry..

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