Thursday, April 26, 2007

What Does This Have To Do With Ancient Coins?

Nothing. I think the following is very interesting and worth sharing with my blog readers. A group of acoustic engineers at at the University of Salford in England has uploaded and presented us with 34 "offensive" sounds at and asked us to rate each sound on a scale of 1(not awful) to 6 (unbearable). Please suck it up, put out the cat, warn the neighbors and have a go. I think it would be very interesting if we share the sound(s) we find to be most offensive. I hope you enjoy and we will be back to ancient coins next post. I promise. Meanwhile, enjoy and share with your friends and relatives. God Bless.. Jerry.. PS: I think you will need to copy and paste the URL..

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Susan Headley said...


That sound research page was very interesting. Thanks for sharing it! =)