Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Getting Rid Of The Dreaded Bronze Disease

Volumes of material has been written about the dreaded bronze disease or as we say BD. So what do I have to add that is of interest? I don’t care about the chemistry of the disease nor will I address the subject. I do know a great way to get rid of BD and I stumbled across the method by accident. I will share what I know about getting rid of the problem.

I have cleaned thousands of ancient coins and I have never had a BD problem. So how do I know about bronze disease? I have bought many coins from others and I have received quite a few with BD. Initially I had no idea what BD was and tried to wipe and brush it away. I could wipe the green or blue-green powdery substance from the coins to some degree but the green always returned.

For the most part I use electrolysis to clean my coins so one day I decided to zap one of the BD coins. Voila! In a matter of a minute or two the green was gone. Meanwhile I had asked about the green “fungus” and learned that I had coins with BD. I was not sure the disease would not return so I watched the coin for a day, a week and then for many weeks. The disease never returned. I am sure that zapping prevents the BD from occurring on my coins.

I am certain the sodium carbonate I use in my zapping solution prevents the disease. One BD coin can spread the disease to other coins. I decided to see if that would happen with my coins. I placed a BD coin I had bought in a cup with a group of my zapped and clean coins. The disease continued to grow on the host coin but never attacked my coins. I left the coin in the cup for weeks with no ill effects to my coins. I knew I had a “cure.” If you have coins with BD I suggest you build a small zapper to get rid of the disease.

I have very good schematics for building a small unit on one of my sites. I will be happy to work with you if you wish to build a zapper. One other upside to building the zapper is that one can get rid of heavy encrustation using the same zapper. If interested, please visit our site at the following URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/coinzappers You will encounter a great group of members who are more than eager to help. I am not asking you to leave the wonderful group(s) you currently belong to but I am inviting you to join us and learn about zapping. Thank you and God Bless.. Jerry..

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