Sunday, January 21, 2007

Zap With Aluminum Foil Wrap

Mix a 5% solution of SC (5 grams of sodium carbonate in 100ml of
deionized water) and wrap the coin in a double layer pocket of
aluminum foil, add aportion of the solution inside the wrapping and
submerge this into a container with the rest of the solution. Let this
set for about 3 days then check the progress. The aluminum foil will
deteriorate since it is acting as your sacrificial anode in the
process. You can continue this process indefinitely until the coin is
clean since it is a very mild technique.
I have had success with this method on many coins, but others still
needed to be zapped even after this process. However they may not have
if I were more patient and continued the process longer then 3
days...LOL :)
This may be useful for those who want to try another alternative
method of cleaning and those that are not quite ready to zap a coin.
5 grams (1 heaping teaspoon)
100ml = Half cup or about 3.5 Fluid Ounces
Method Source:
The Archaeologist's Manual for Conservation A Guide to Non-Toxic,
Minimal Intervention Artifact Stabilization
Rodgers, Bradley A.
2004, 220 p., Soft cover
ISBN: 0-306-48467-6
-Shawn (aka The Lone Knight)

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