Saturday, January 13, 2007

Do You See A Tree And Do You See A Coin?

Look at the drawing on the right. Do you see a tree? Yes? I think not. I think you see a suggestion or an illusion of a tree. I have tricked your eye into thinking "tree." If one looks at an ancient coin does one see a coin? Yes. Why. The coin is "real" and not an illusion. Is the emperor on the coin real? No. He is an illusion. 2000 years ago a skilled artist created and illusion of the emperor. It is the the role of the visual artist to create illusions. I now ask the question, what is "non-objective" art? Non-objective art is art that alludes to nothing other than what it is. It stands for nothing. Whereas my illusion of the tree stood for something.
Consequently, non-objective art becomes "real." Subjective art becomes the illusion. Let us address abstract art. Is abstract art real? It is only pigment or graphite on a format but it does allude to something so it is not "real." Of course, the pigment and graphite are always real regardless of the condition. Correct? Not necessarily. I can create an illusion of graphite and I can create an illusion of pigment. Silly games? Not really. These are concerns of the visual artist. I hope you found this to be a bit provocative.. thanks and God Bless.. Jerry..

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