Monday, January 29, 2007

The Celator Welcomes New Subscribers

The Celator is a great publication for the ancient coin enthusiast. Please take a look at the information I borrowed from their site. Both Wayne and Kerry welcome all.

The term "Celator" (we pronounce it sell-a-tore) is an anglicized version of the Latin word Caelator, which was a term used in ancient times to describe artists who worked in bas relief. This included gem carvers, and coin die engravers, as well as a great variety of metalworkers. The Celator is dedicated to those artists who have left us with indelible impressions of the Classical era in their miniature art. Articles in The Celator range from Greek and Roman coinage to the coinage of their contemporaries and of their successors. Each issue includes from three to five articles, several regular columns by well known antiquarians, market news, commentary, information about people in the hobby, a professional directory of dealers, and a calendar of events. The general tone of the publication is one not of intense scholarship, although scholarly articles do appear from time to time, but rather of a relaxed forum. The Celator offers something for everyone, and serves as the focal point of the ancient coin collecting hobby.

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