Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thanks For The Microscope Ian

I have been looking for a microscope for some time and in recent weeks met a gentleman with whom I rapidly made friends. I wanted a good scope to help me with my ancient coin cleaning. As it turns out my new friend, Ian has a profound interest in microscopes. Ian has several microscopes he was planning to rebuild, and he had one scope that was to be used for parts. The focusing mechanism was broken and of no use at all as it was.

Ian made the decision to rebuild the scope for me in spite of the condition. He knew the optics were in great shape so that was no problem. The problem was that the microscope was 45 years old and we could not purchase parts for it. I soon learned that Ian is one of those rare individuals who is multi-skilled and reminds me of a modern day renaissance man. Ian is a retired teacher who donates time to a marina in Canada, his home.

He made the decision to use his metal working tools that includes a metal turning lathe and milling machine. We both became excited about the project, and we corresponded constantly. I have dozens of photographs Ian furnished me as the scope progressed. Above, you see the scope before and after it is finished. Please note the beautifully turned brass from which the new focusing mechanism is fashioned. I saw a photo of the brass before it was turned and milled, and it was just a large chunk of darkened brass.

One can only appreciate the intricacies of the metal work by viewing the scope up close. There are many screws and set screws as well as the beautiful little handle sitting atop the focusing knob Ian made. The brass-focusing knob Ian made turns as smoothly as silk. The scope is a genuine work of art. Ian is one of those very, very special individuals. He refused payment and in addition he is sending me something he “invented” to be used to view my ancient coins. The devise is somewhat of a “tilt table.” It will rotate in any direction I need in order to view the coin. I will post a photo once I have it set up. It is still in the mail as of this date.

I would not have been able to afford a microscope of this quality. It is an AO and one of these older scopes in good condition can sell for close to 500 dollars on Ebay. It is a stereo microscope and has a variety of focusing lengths. I have met a true friend, and we think a great deal alike. Ian is very creative and possesses skills one cannot imagine.. Thanks my good friend Ian and God Bless.. Jerry..

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