Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Creation From A Mechanical Genius

In my last post I shared with you the microscope my new friend, Ian, restored for me. During a conversation I asked Ian if he knew of a device one could use for rotating coins for viewing-- somewhat like a small Lazy Susan. He told me he would get busy and create a device for viewing coins. I had no idea what to expect because I had already observed his creative mind at work.

Today, I received the unit and the “Orbital Viewer” as I have named the unit is the product of a mechanical genius! I am posting a photograph of the scope and the Viewer with the article. One need remember that Ian turned all the pieces on his lathe with the exception of a ping-pong ball that is an integral part of the device. He designed the unit so the coin can be held in place with just a tad of “sticky putty.” I am really surprised at how easily I can move the coin in any direction I want. Also, please observe the concentric rings in the OV ‘s surface which allows for easy centering of the coin.

I can lift the viewing plate from its position on the scope and replace it with the OV unit. It fits precisely in the opening where the viewing plate rested. The Orbital Viewer rotates 360 degrees in addition to orbiting from left to right in a convex manner. The coin can be tilted upwards towards the lens of the scope so that all areas of the coin can be rotated into position almost immediately. He placed a lateral slide within the unit so that the coin can be centered directly beneath the lens at anytime. The configuration of the unit’s rotation provides me with full viewing of the coin’s surface with the greatest of ease.

I deeply appreciate what Ian has done, and even more I have gained a great new friend with whom I can communicate. Ian, thanks for being such a great guy! I am posting another photograph that provides a close up of the OV. Please click on the following URL: http://tinyurl.com/25sp9v Thanks you for viewing and I will appreciate any feedback. God Bless.. Jerry..

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