Saturday, March 3, 2007

Ancient Coins For Education Noble Plea

Dear readers, I support the fine work ACE does in providing leadership in ancient coin education for schools. I am publishing a post from Kevin Ingleston and my wish is that we all join in and support the fine work they do. Kevin does a fine job of explaining things. Jerry

Hello!As some of you know, I am the webmaster for Ancient Coins for Education. I am also the newest member of the board of directors. Before joining ACE, I was aware that they provided ancient coins to kids in the classroom. After joining them I found out that ACE does much more than that! * ACE has distributed well over 50,000 coins to nearly 35,000 students in the 6 years since its inception. * ACE provides lesson and study plans, and a lot of historical background to make full use of those coins. New ideas are always being developed * ACE maintains a rather nicely done website (if I do say so myself!) providing additional ideas for teachers and comprehensive attribution help for students and anybody else that visits it. * ACE assists schools that wish to build their own Ancient Coin Museum. This project is really cool! ACE helps as schools set up their own museums of coins and artifacts Once a school sets up a museum it is theirs to keep. They add to these museums every year, expanding the students' knowledge of the classical world and the coins that circulated in it. To see more, go to * ACE makes efficient use of donated materials. As coins accumulated that were not suitable for the core classroom project, ACE developed the Archaeological Simulation project to make sure all donated coins could be utilized. The Arch Sim allows students to participate in a simulated "dig". They set up grids, carefully excavate a variety of objects, document, conserve and catalog them in a manner similar to the way an actual dig would be conducted. There are even students designated as 'site guards" to protect the 'dig". Kids love this project! To see more go here: * ACE runs several essay contests every year and awards prizes for excellence in several age groups * ACE also runs "Image Contests". Students and teachers visit the ACE website to view images and answer the questions associated with the image. Prizes are awarded to winning students from each school that participates. In fact we have one running right now. Have a look and see how you do! * ACE has several new programs currently being developed. One I can share with you is the ACE Traveling Museum (ATM). The ATM is a collection of coins of several ancient cultures that will be loaned to interested schools. This will give the kids a chance to see and feel ancient coins they might never get a chance to see otherwise. The ATM will be shipped with lesson plans and activities to help the kids and teachers make the most of the experience. * ACE is a responsible member of the coin collecting community. We are a proud member of the ACCG. Twice we have gone to Washington in the defense of the coin collecting community. Most recently we were at the CPAC hearing, arguing against the import restrictions of coins from Cyprus. You can see the presentation we gave to the State Dept here Here is the kicker, ACE (a non-profit organization) does all of this with the volunteered time of 7 people, and on a budget that is 100% donated. We enjoy what we do at ACE tremendously, but we can't do it without help. We cannot survive without the financial contribution of generous donors who can see the benefit that ACE not only brings to students, but to the hobby in general. We expose students to the hobby of ancient coin collecting raising their awareness of it and even creating new collectors amongst teachers, students and their families, who will (and several already have!) become new coin customers. We have done and will continue to do our part, defending the hobby whenever and wherever we can,.What better place to start than in the classroom? Well, you have been waiting for it and here it comes! Please donate to ACE!!. We are in constant need of funding, coins and other materials. If you enjoy this hobby and want to share it, help it grow, and create a better understanding of it, please donate. If you appreciate the efforts we have made to defend the hobby, please donate. If you think Ancient History and the Classics have a place in today's classroom, please donate. I'm the guy that writes the receipts for donations; so if you want to make me work, please donate! Don't worry about the amount we are grateful for what ever you can contribute. $10 or a few attributable Roman or Greek coins would be greatly appreciated. If you can help, please go to and press the PAYPAL button. Or, you can contact us at to arrange a donation of identifiable coins for our various programs and prizes; or to send a check. In return you will receive a warm feeling and a tax-deductible receipt with yours truly's John Hancock on it!:D If you have any questions, please contact me or contact ACE at Thanks! Kevin

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