Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sometimes Things Just Don't Work

Sunday is Virginia’s and my 40th anniversary. V has a tremendous sense of history and loves older coins with dates. I selected a nice Spanish 1641 and created what I think is a nice pendant for her to wear. That is my gift to her. No rubies! I decided to share the coin with my readers so I thought I would photograph it a bit differently than I normally do. Please observe the photograph above right.

I chose a nice dark green background and was convinced the coin would photograph really well with the green as the negative space. As you can see from the photograph I was wrong. Wrong in the sense that the presentation could have been much better. The potential is there to photograph the pendant much better. There is a “best” way to photograph the pendant and I did not achieve the best.

The nice thing is that I recognize it is “bad” and I can create a different presentation if I like. However, I think there is a learning experience in this for all so I am leaving the photograph as is. What makes the photograph less than excellent? The primary design flaw is in the lack of contrasting values between the pendant and the negative space. Remember, the negative space is the space in and around the central object. An almost black-olive color would most likely work.

Theoretically, there are thousands of values and intensities of green, so I am not at a loss for a green. If I am bent on a green negative space, then I simply need to find the proper hue of green that would best accent the pendant. Visually, try to isolate the pendant and you will see a nice piece. I think we all agree on this. Now try to isolate the green, and I think we could and would agree we have a nice green. It is just that the two do not work together to the maximum. Therefore, it is incumbent on the creator, the designer, and/or the photographer to maximize the effort through selection.

Often we find that many individuals possess this ability intuitively. Many people must work diligently to develop the skill. I hope you understand what I am demonstrating, if not, I will be more than happy to answer questions. Thanks for reading and God Bless.. Jerry..

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