Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Who Says Zapping Does Not Work?

Who says zapping does not work? I released the beautiful Roman Carinus Antoninianus you see above from a deep rock-hard encrustation just a few days ago. As with many of my zapped coins I was able to maintain much of the patina. I think it is a beautiful coin.

We become somewhat accustomed to making the statement that “the photo is not as good as the coin” and in this case it certainly is true. The obverse in slightly off center but I can find no other fault with this coin. I encourage all those engaged in zapping to continue to work at our craft and if you are not zapping then you should join us!

We have a great group with wonderful members at the following URL: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/coinzappers You have a standing invitation to join us. We will have you cleaning coins in a new and expeditious way in no time. I truly think zapping is the kindest way to clean coins. I would never subject my beauties to hard tools as many do. I think ancient coin enthusiasts are an opinionated bunch and I know we all have our preferences. If you have tired other methods and are a bit frustrated, please give zapping a chance. I think you will enjoy.. God Bless.. Jerry..

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Dave Johnson said...

There are a wide variety of opinions re zapping on the web. Some say it destroys patina, but evidently you don't agree. I guess there must be a right and wrong way to zap coins. How do you zap a coin without taking off the patina? Since the electrochemical reaction must be occurring at the surface of the metal, I can't understand how you can remove crud without taking off some metal. Comments?