Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ancient Greek And Ancient Roman Coin Collectors: Three Musts!

In this article I am listing my “Three Musts” for ancient coin enthusiasts. Please read and then download each FREE utility if you have not already. First on my list is Tiny is a freeware utility that allows one to shorten long, cumbersome URL’s to short and concise URL’s. Please click on the following Tiny URL and you will see an illustration of a very long URL and the results once it has been converted into a Tiny URL:

Next, I think every ancient Greek and Roman coin enthusiast needs a good photo manager and flickr is just that. Please go to and see how easy it is to become a member and see how easy it is to manage your coin photos. I can only say great things about this utility. Flckr speaks for itself!

And then we have Irfanview. Irfanview? Yep, As in, “have you Irfed” your coin photos. I only use Irf to “stitch” my ancient coin photos and I think the same is true of most other ancient coin vendors and collectors. Often we need to share our ancient coins with others and that is when we need to use the stitch or panorama program of Irfanview. The panorama program allows us to show the obverse of the coin right beside the reverse. Irf also allows us to show the obverse above the reverse. I would be lost about this little jewel of a freeware utility.

I am somewhat notorious amongst my coin friends when it comes to linear exercises. I think all my friends will agree that if old Jerry can perform the necessary exercises to operate these three utilities then anyone can! Please download (or is it upload?) the utilities and let me know what you think. Please bookmark my site and please share my blog with your friends. I am hot on the heels of developing what appears to be a great way to tone silver coins. Please watch for this one! God Bless.. Jerry..

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