Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Myth Of The Melted Coins!

Once and for all I want to quash the myth that one will or can “burn” ancient coins using electrolysis. I will qualify this statement by saying that I can assure you your coins will not be “burned” if you follow my directions as outlined and communicated by our Coin Zappers group. The URL is as follows:

I have had people tell me they knew someone who told them that “zapping” ruins coins. I state emphatically and without equivocation that this has never happened to me. I have zapped between 5000 and 6000 coins at this point and I still zap almost every day. I have worked for years developing the best method I know for cleaning coins and that method is electrolysis. I have never scorched or “burned” a coin.

I have no interest in ruining my coins so I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours experimenting with electrolysis. I have had individuals tell me they have melted coins using electrolysis! Cannot happen if you follow my directions. What kind of heat would one have to create using a 12-volt DC power supply in order to melt a coin? The act itself would violate all known laws of physics! Click on and take a look at the pile of coins I cleaned using my zapping techniques: They hardly appear to be melted, scorched or burned coins.

I will qualify the above by saying that I am sure there are those who have exposed profound pitting beneath the surface of an encrusted coin. If the coin has “rotted’ in the ground then there is no way to restore the pitting and that includes zapping.

If one joins Coin Zappers and follows all the directions as outlined, I can assure you that you will get great results. I repeat- “use our methods!” If you want to have success and clean ancient coins using the kindest method I know then join us at Coin Zappers. This thing about melting coins with 12 volts DC has become somewhat of an urban legend in the coin world. It is tiem to put this myth to bed. I would love to see feedback from those who know something I don’t know. You have a standing invitaion from me to join us at CZ. Just say, “Jerry sent me.” God Bless.. Jerry..

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