Friday, June 15, 2007

Do Your Know Your Roman Gods and Goddesses? Take This Little Quiz

Here is a little true and false test I created to see how well you know your gods and goddesses. You will find the answers at the end of the test. Do not peek! I have established a ranking for you. Less that three missed: go to the Head of the Table. If you miss five or less you receive an honorable mention. Miss more than five.. well you need a bit of work on your Greek/Roman history!

1) T or F: Jupiter was the Roman counterpart of Zeus?
2) T or F: Titan was the father of Uranus?
3) T or F: Ops was the goddess of Wisdom?
4) T or F: Persephone in Greek and Roman religion mythology was Queen of the underworld?
5) T or F: Pluto was the Greek god of death?
6) T or F: Cupid was the goddess of love?
7) T or F: Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus and Dione?
8) T or F: Apollo was the Geek son of Ares?
9) T or F: The Roman counterpart of Pan was Mercury?
10) T or F: Bacchus was the son of Semele?
11) T or F: Mars was Roman mythological god of war?
12) T or F: Neptune was the Greek god the Sea?
13) T or F: Ceres was the Roman goddess of agriculture?
14) T or F: Hestia was the goddess of the hearth?
15) T or F: In Roman religion Ops was the goddess of harvests?
16) T or F: Ares was the Greek son of Zeus and Hera?
17) T or F: Diana was the goddess of hunting?
18) T or F: Saturn was a Greek god of harvests?
19)T or F: Eros was the Greek god of love?
29) T or F: Dionysus was the Greek god of wine and fertility?

Remember, don’t read this part until you have finished the True and False questions above. I hope you enjoyed. Please let me know and bookmark my site please.

(1 T) (2 T) (3 F) ( 4 T) ( 5 F) (6 F) (7 T) (8 F) (9 F) (10 T) (11 T) (12 F) (13 T) (14 T) (15 T) (16 T) (17 T) (18 F) (19 T) (2o F)

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mike bunner said...

just took the little,and informative, even tho my score was only 60%