Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What In The World Are Seleucids Or "Bottle Caps?"

I recently zapped a group of coins I had purchased a couple years ago and the photograph you see above is the result of my effort. Most of the coins have a serrated edge. I know these are sometimes called "bottle caps." This tidbit pretty much exhausts my knowledge of what I call "seleucids."

I need to do a bit of homework and see what I really have. The coins are very small and average about 12-14mm. As pieces of art, I find the images to be both fascinating and beautiful. I "discovered" ancient coins about six years ago and I have been enchanted by them since. I have spent so much of my six years learning to clean coins that I have neglected the coins from a historical perspective.

I am profoundly image oriented so each coin I clean is pretty much like "found art" to me. The images satisfy my aesthetics and consequently I continue to clean more coins at the expense of my coin education. Please forgive my ramblings and I really have no idea where I am going with this. Speaking of attributions. Wow! My least favorite thing to do with ancient coins. Give me a bucket of crusties and I will spend endless hours working with them. I am pretty sure there are those who are the antithesis of me. They must hate cleaning.

I constantly have V (my wife) running from her reading room to my indoor studio to view each new discovery. She does get excited about the coins but in exchange I have to listen to her read to me from some Civil War war book. I simply do not have the sense of history many others have. OK, enough. Thanks for reading and I will appreciate the address of your favorite "bottle cap" source and any other information you care to share about these little beauties.. God Bless.. Jerry..


The Lone Knight said...

Tsk Tsk, Jerry those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Sorry my friend but I had to say it. LoL

Nice coins by the way.

Anonymous said...


The best 'attribution tool' for the serrates I've found is here:


They actually fall within a relatively narrow group so are not too hard to attribute

Good Luck with them