Thursday, May 24, 2007

Roman Toga: Who Wore Togas?

What do you think of when you think of Roman clothing? The toga? Actually, the toga was worn by males only and was the equivalent of a suit and tie we see men tearing today. Most Roman citizens wore a tunic, which was a kind of long shirt with a belted waist and short sleeves. If a male was engaged in heavy labor he wore a tunic with one sleeve. Men wore either shoes with laces or sandals.

Women wore long, loose fitting dresses fastened at the shoulders with fibulae and was the counter part of contemporary safety pins. These were also belted at the waist. Married women wore an extra piece of fabric over their dress called a stola. That was not all; over their heads they would wear another piece of fabric called a palla, a combination shawl and veil. If you can add to my limited knowledge of Roman dress, please do so. I am sure our readers would enjoy.

The written material in the article above was paraphrased from a handout I received at the Pompeii exhibit in Mobile. The handout is entitled “A Day in Pompeii.”

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