Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wonderful Free Ancient Coin Backup Program

I stumbled across an incredibly simple to use storage box that I just love. It is so simple even this right-brained Old Man can use. The program is and provides members with 2GB of free storage that works with Windows, Mac and Linux. I think it is great backup for all of us who are interested in coins.

I think it took me about five minutes total to install Dropbox and have it operational. I can almost guarantee you will love the simple but somewhat powerful little program. In fact, I look forward to some of you computer gurus downloading Dropbox and letting me know what you think.

I repeat that this great little program is a service that allows us to store up to 2GB of information for free. The Dropbox folder syncs to your computer, smartphone and other web browsing devices. There is nothing to configure and it is very fast.

Dropbox can be accessed from anywhere so one can even access coin files from a distant coin show. I can easily think of many uses for DB. One can list recipes, shopping lists, diet information, and passwords on DB. We are only limited by our imagination. I have had DB installed for 20 minutes or less and I already have coins pics installed.

I give this baby a 10 out of 10. I hope you like it as much as I do and please share your opinions.. God Bless.. Jerry..

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