Friday, February 4, 2011

Often It Is Not The Glitz

The flash of a flushed blue bird, the textured grain of weathered wood, the lines in an old man's creased face, a broken egg shell. Often it is not gold nor is it silver. Sometimes it is the face of a long forgotten and well worn coin. Beauty is where we find it.

The coin attached to this post oozes character and beauty and it is not gold. I looked beyond the city and I looked beyond the facades and I found beauty at my feet. Take your time and learn to see. We may look and not see.. God Bless.. Jerry..


Anonymous said...

So true! Beautiful coin...the places it has seen!

solar attic fan said...

This is my first time to see this coin. I think ancient people used this coin as their method of buying. Or they are just making barter to exchange their goods into a coin.

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