Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Safe Way To Store Your Coins

As your ancient coin collection grows, I am sure your thoughts will or have turned to safe methods of storing your coins. There are several ways of safely storing your coins but I will address only one of these methods. I think plastic “flips” are a great way to store your coins.

There are flips that are unsafe and there are flips considered archivally safe. Never use flips that contain PVC. PVC is harmful to the coins and I don’t think anyone will question the veracity of this statement. Ask your vendor for archival safe flips and I think you will also find the price of the archival flips is very reasonable in contrast to the unsafe.

A nice feature about flips is that the flips can be bought in sheets and placed in a three ring binder. This makes for convenient and nice presentations of your coins. This method will also allow you to show your coins without the viewer coming in contact with your coins.

The binders can easily be labeled and shelved in a convenient place. These binders can be purchased at Wal-Mart or at an office supply store. The binders also make for easy transportation from to coin shows, etc. In terms of preservation, I think this is one of the most efficient, safe and economical investments the collector can make.

If you would like to share your preservation methods, please do. I am always looking for a better ways to do things. I hope you have enjoyed this article and while reading please go through the remainder of my blog. Please bookmark and visit on occasion.. God Bless.. Jerry..


Doug Smith said...

I appreciate the merits of the flips Jerry likes but that doesn't mean I intend to use them. I Prefer to keep coins in open trays where they are easy to examine and handle. I don't collect coins that will be injured by fingers. I appreciate to overview you get being able to see up to 77 coins in one tray (fewer for larger coins)and the air circulation does them good especially if they happen to have residues of cleaning agents which would be held against them in plastic flips. My second choice is to use paper envelopes (acid free 2x2") for coins packed away for the long haul (safety deposit box). This makes it hard to see the coins but that is why I have photos. Sorry pictures and links aren't allowed here but I added a few to my pBase page.

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