Saturday, February 28, 2009

Retain Coin Character Without Over Working

I am using a Leton Widow's Mite to illustrate how the character of a coin can be maintained without over working in post processing. I could have removed most of the bright spots on the coin and I could have "processed" the coin until I had created the image of a pristine coin. However, I chose to allow the visual integrity of the coin to remain manifest.

After all we are dealing with a coin that is over 2000 years old. I really enjoy the lights and darks and I also like the less than perfect "age spots".. I see the character of a coin that "speaks" to me from 2000 years ago as opposed to a highly post-processed coin edited in PhotoShop.

I know this is a highly subjective issue and you may of may not agree with me. I have discovered that the coin most often dictates to me the degree of editing that should be done just as the degree of encrustation "tells" me how much I should clean the coin. As an artist I have always attempted to teach others that esthetics is a purely personal thing and that we should never let another would be "scholar" try to determine our tastes.

I hope you have enjoyed and I hope to hear from you. I love to listen to other's opinions.. God Bless.. Jerry..


Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry,
I have been enjoying your postings for quite a wgile now, and I particularly liked the sense of this one. You get to the real "soul" of collecting in it, I think. Being a bit over 70 now and having collected coins for about 60 of those years, I have been through the cycles of wonder, discovery, hopes of finding the "killer coin", a bit of greed and finally, settling down to the simple enjoyment of coins for their beauty, artistry and history. That's the "real deal," and you speak to that!
Thanks, Chuck Beer

bob_oleary said...

I have a 1885 Morgan silver dollar and its pretty much black and doesn't have a lot of value. i want to pass it down to my grand son.since its in the family and not worth that much except to us i would like to get it cleaned
stumped in boston