Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Great Anode

I can’t seem to stop creating anodes. I have another anode I really love and it works beautifully. I call it the “Center-Fired” anode. The anode is made from ¾” mild steel and 3/16” mild steel. I highly recommend this unit for those using the smaller power sources.
I use a 1.2 (5.2 cups) liter plastic container with my smaller power source so I need for my anode to be about 4” in length. Different containers will dictate different length anodes. In other words you must choose a container and then cut the anode to fit your container. Look at the illustration I have included with the article and you will see the horizontal mild steel bar is ¾” in diameter.

Please observe the vertical mild steel is 3/16” in diameter. If you are using no more than 800mA then you can use a 1/8”diameter vertical piece. I would try to secure the 3/16” however. The vertical rod must rise above your container by a couple of inches. This will make certain you will not have wire in your solution. In fact, I would bend the top one inch of the vertical back and away form the container using pliers or ViceGrips.

The vertical rod is welded to the horizontal rod and it takes about one zap from a MIG welder to do the job. While making up one unit why not make three or four. This way as the anode collects crud one can have one or more anodes in soak. Remember you must determine the measurements so the unit will fit into your container.

What is so great about this anode? First, you do realize the lead is clipped to the vertical piece. When the unit is cranked up and Zapping you will find the coin closest to the center receives the most activity. I like this. As coins become clean you can adjust the coins needing less Zap towards the ends of the anode. I keep my coins moving about as needed.

If I have a rock-hard encrusted coin(s) then I allow that coin(s) to fire near the center. The cleaner the coin, the more I adjust the coin towards the end of the anode. I hope I did not mislead you into thinking this anode is for the smaller units only. I have used the same kind of anode on larger Zappers and fired 20 coins or so very effectively. This is a very sturdy unit and once cut and welded you will have an anode that will last for years with the proper cleaning.

Once you have an anode cleaned be sure and dip in white vinegar, wash with soap, rinse and dry and put aside. Again, the anode should last for years. It is the Sherman Tank of anodes. Click on the illustration to enlarge. Please feel free to ask questions. God Bless.. Jerry..

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