Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Free: Coin Picture BackUps

Recently two of my friend’s computers crashed. Fortunately they had important data backed up. I have never been one to back up files but the second crash of a friend’s drive got my attention. Shawn, one of our fine members, shared the following site with me and I am passing the information on to our members who want to back up coins pics or other data.

Mozy offers free online backup solutions for the home. One can get a free MozyHome account that allows up to 2GB of online storage. Of course, one can subscribe to more space for less than $5 dollars per month. I like the freebie 2GB. I have done my homework and learned that Mozy is a highly reputable company with state of the art security.

I know nothing about algorithms and password encryption so I have to rely on PC to tell me Mozy is excellent in these departments. Ease of use is of primary importance to me. I was surprised to find that Shawn was correct and that even I was able to download and use without a hitch. You are right so far Shawn. When reviewers begin to talk about elaborate interfaces and the like my eyes begin to glaze over. Suffice it to say the program was easy for me to download and the image appears to be very functional.

I suggest you go to http://mozy.com/ and see for yourself.
If you will share with Mozy that I suggested you take a look they will give me extra space. You will need to know my e-mail and it is as follows: coinstore@comcast.net Perhaps I am being a bit mercenary but I will leave that to your conscious. Either way is great but I will be downloading data that serves our sites. Thank you for reading and please let me know if you use the program and please let me know what you think.. God Bless.. Jerry..

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