Monday, June 16, 2008

A Safe Way To Store Your Zapped And Cleaned Coins

This article is for all you Zappers who want to know how to store your coins once they are zapped. This is a question I am often asked. Please read and if you have questions, write me. You can reach me at

I am assuming you are zapping your coins as we teach you to do on CoinZappers. Pull your coin from the solution and drop the coin in a small container of white vinegar. You should see your coin fizz for 30 seconds or so. Once the coin ceases to fizz, move to the next step.

Wash your coin in water using a mild dishwashing liquid. I think most all the liquids are mild. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft towel.

Place your coin(s) on a window ledge and allow the coin(s) to dry. You may want to place your coin on your deck where it will be in direct sunlight. Turn the coin over at least once while drying. I think a couple of hours in sunlight are sufficient.

If you plan to wax your coin, wax the coin with Ren Wax. The last time I looked Tony and Tom had Ren Wax at

I suggest a thin layer of wax. The wax can be applied with your finger or with a very soft toothbrush.

You are now ready for storage. I recommend an archival flip made from prolar polyester. Be certain your flips DO NOT contain PVC. I personally like the 2”x 2” size flips.

I hope this information helps. Please write me at if you have questions. One other thing, if you are not a member of CoinZappers I suggest you join. We have great members with a vast knowledge of coin zapping. The URL is as follows: and simply state that Jerry sent you.

Don’t forget about our new group, CoinPhotography. We have great members with a wonderful knowledge of photographing coins. The URL is as follows: Simply say that Jerry asked you to join. God Bless.. Jerry..

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