Saturday, December 1, 2007

Group Created For Sharing Favorite Dealers

I have created a group on Yahoo Groups for sharing favorite dealers. One of the first things asked by newbies after joining one of my groups is, "where do I find good coins?" I hope we get good participation and input. If the group develops as I think it will, we will be able to point newbies to the group.
Please take a look and please join. Remember, one can always choose to not receive posts. I prefer to receive all posts but that is my choice. The one thing I ask is that members refrain from "flaming." I think we can be open and direct in our adjudication of coins we have bought without going on attack. Please take a look at "Fav Ancient Coin Dealers" at the following URL:
I will be inviting a mod(s) to help me with the site. If you have suggestions about the site, please write me at: Thank you and God Bless.. Jerry..

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daniel said...

I would love to see the reverse of that coin with the palm tree that you have posted. Could you post the photo in an AP folder?