Thursday, August 9, 2007

Zap Coins And Save The Patina

I am posting a coin I recently zapped and saved the patina. I have been working on this technique for a couple of years and I have developed several methods. The simplest is to zap and check the coin every 15 minutes, prod the crust with a bamboo stick and pull the coin from the solution at the earliest possible time.

The coin you see pictured above was pulled at precisely the right time. Please observe the nice rich patina. I am now working on patinating silver and I happy with the results but have had a could of failures. I am not totally satisfied but I think I know what the problem is.

Te first thing you need to do is join our coin group, Coin Zappers. You have a standing invitation and just say Jerry invited you. I think you will find zapping to be the kindest and most gentle of all cleaning techniques. Come aboard and give it a try. The URL is as follows: Thank you and God Bless.. Jerry.. PS: Please take a look at my blog and you will find coin cleaning tips as well as tips for photographing your coins.. bookmark and check in often..

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pmonney2 said...

Thanks to your suggestion, I used most successfully a graphic pencil (4H)to erase some black marks on a silver tetradrachm: all other attempts failed.This shrp pencil auses no harm to the surface of the coin.