Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Ancient Coin Rummage" Announces New Free Coin Classifieds!

We are very happy to announce a new free ancient coin classified site. The site is very user friendly and it is free! One only has to join "Ancient Coin Rummage" to participate and have full selling and buying access to the new site. The site is called "Ancient Peddler" and is located at the following URL:

The new classified site was developed and donated by We are very excited about the new coin classified site. We believe it will be well used and we believe it will bring together the ancient coin community as a Coin Family. Ancient Coin Rummage is the site from which one joins and ACR is also the site for open discussion relative to all matters concerning "Ancient Peddler." One must first be a member of ACR in order to join the free site.

The URL for Ancient Coin Rummage is as follows: Please join and let's all begin to post our duplicate coins and whatever items we wish to sell. Of course, one can use the site to buy, trade and seek particular coins or artifacts. The site will continue to be free to all ACR members and we encourage you to join now and login to the new site. If you have any questions please ask. God Bless.. Jerry..

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