Monday, February 19, 2007

5 Stars For This Ancient Coin Cleaner

Before I begin my review of the Dremel Stylus 1100-01 I should state the company gave me the unit at no cost to review for ancient coin cleaners. I cautioned management that I would have to be completely honest with my coin-cleaning friends and that is what I have tried to do. In fact, after reading so many positives I had made up my mind to find something wrong with this little beauty!

Alas, it is as I had read. The 1100 is a great piece of technology in my opinion. It is definitely a 5 star unit! But let’s go back to the cons before we get too carried away. I thought I was going to have to borrow a chainsaw to get into the package. It was almost as difficult as opening a bag of potato chips! WalMart’s price is 69.95 and one would think at this price Dremel would include all four of the collets but no, only two. I think that is being a bit cheap!

The balance of the unit is wonderful. It is more akin to holding an artist’s brush than holding a powerful little tool. It is so pleasing to be unattached to a cord. It actually gives one a sense of freedom. I discovered that I could hold the unit somewhat as I hold a pencil or a small pistol. I discovered a third way of holding the unit and that is what I would call a “knife hold” as one would hold a pocketknife while carving a piece of wood.

The 1100-01 has a speed range of 5,000 to 25,000 rpm and is powered by a 7.2 lithium-ion battery. I can recall when my cordless power drill had about the same power. I was unable to “bog” the unit down even at slower speeds. The handsome 1100 sits in a docking station that takes care of recharging. The docking station also serves as a holder for a variety of tools.

The lithium-ion battery technology, once charged, can hold a charge up to two years. Also, there is no “memory” problem with the battery and one can constantly return the 1100 to the cradle without fear of damaging the battery. This is information I gleaned from Dremel. I allowed the unit to run for extended periods of time and the unit maintained plenty of power.

I must admit I have long been a fan of Dremel. The oldest unit I have dates back about 35 years and I also have a flexible shaft unit my wife bought me about three years ago. I would be lost without any of the units I own but I would love a six-pack of the 1100 hundreds with a different tool in each!

In addition to the 1100 one receives the following with the Stylus: docking station, #191 high speed cutter, #194 high speed cutter, #106 engraving cutter, #7144 diamond wheel point, #84922 silicone carbide grinding stone, #403 bristle brush, two #414 polishing felt wheels, two #429 polishing felt wheels, #425 emery impregnated wheel, #421 polishing compound, #512 abrasive buff, #430 sanding band, two #438 sanding bands, five #412 sanding discs, #401 mandrel, #402 mandrel, 3/32 collet, wrench and plastic case.

In summary, I have attempted to be as objective as possible. In all honesty I cannot say enough about the 1100-01. It is more than I expected. Drop by your local Wal-Mart and fit one to your hand. You will be sold! If you purchase or if you have purchased, please share your opinion with me.. Thanks and God Bless.. Jerry..


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