Saturday, December 3, 2011

"TEST CUT" What And Why?

"Test Cut" What and Why? Apparently counterfeit coins have been around since ancient times and one of the most common methods of counterfeiting was to coat a bronze or copper coin with a silver wash. The answer to counterfeit or not was for the potential recipient of a questionable coin was very often a test cut.

The test cut was a readily easy method to expose the "innards" of the coin and reveal what was beneath the coin's surface. Some would scratch the coin's surface while some would cut a large gash as we often see in ancient silver coins. I have wondered what transpired if the coin was proven to be counterfeit.

Was the owner of the coin hauled off to prison? Was there a penalty for owning said coin? Perhaps our ancient coin scholars will be able to enlighten us. I suspect the cut most often revealed a good coin but sadly for many, we have inherited the products of the mistrust of our ancestors.

As I search for coins to add to my collection, I have observed that the Athenian Owl appears to be the coin most often attacked. I am sure there is a reason why the Athenian Owl was so mistrusted. If my observation is correct, I think our coin scholars will step forward and explain.

I recently ordered quite a few test cut coins and must admit I find the coins very interesting or at least I find the psychology of the test cut interesting. I am awaiting arrival of my coins and will own for the first time a test cut coin. I really want to hear from all who are willing to share. Post to my blog and others will be able to read your opinions.. Thank you and Merry Christmas.. God Bless.. Jerry..


Chuck said...

I'm wondering if any counterfeits would be available. Would be an interesting addition to a collection.

Doug Smith said...

Ancient counterfeits are easily available and quite collectible in my opinion. I have about 100 mixed in with my collection. They were created for more than one reason and are usually more rare than the real thing. Some are very interesting.

I have several pages linked following this one:
plated coins
test cut plated owl

but not all cut coins are plated:
Test cut stater

steff said...

I have never seen a cutted coin that was fake, probably such coins were destroyed when discoverd!

shelly said...

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Lacey Jones said...

This was such a great read, I would have never guessed that people made counterfeit coins back then. It is also interesting to think about what would have happened to the people who got caught making and using fake coins. Or did people ever get caught?
Lacey |

Jason Strong said...

It would be so cool to go into a coin store, and find ancient coins like this. I'm not a huge coin collector, but I love history, and things like this are very fascinating. I'm grateful that we have pieces of history that help us see how far we have come in terms of human development.

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jtman9200 said...

I wonder if the people who were found to have fake coins were always held responsible for them. I know that coins the best shape possible are always desired but it would be cool to get some with a test cut in them. This is a cool piece of history that most people don't ever come across.

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