Monday, March 7, 2011

How Can I Share This In A Delicate Way

Well I did it. I guess we ancient coin cleaners will stoop to most any substance or solution in an effort to create a coin that is pleasing to the eye. One of my AP Good Brothers buried coins in cow patties in search of a better patina so after searching for horse urine and failing I made the decision to try human urine. I had read that horse urine is brushed on copper roofs in Europe to darken the patina. This was the genesis of my HU experiment.

There is no delicate way to treat this subject matter other than head on and with a great deal of honesty. I don't think there is a need to divulge the source of the urine other than to say the source is very handy. Also if my friend can use cow dung why not use HU?

OK, I don't have pics but pics should be forthcoming. The greatest thing is the urine works on bronze. I brushed the surface of what is close to a cull and I brushed until all patina was gone. I had a very, very bright flan of bronze to work with. I dropped the coin into solution and within seconds the coin was darkening and after 10 minutes or so the coin/cull was about 5 values darker.

No doubt we potentially have a winner here. I suspect many will be trying the technique on Zapped coins. One nice thing is the dark value appears to be "locked" to the coin. I was unable to wipe off ANY residue from the coin with a bright white rag. To be honest I am surprised no one has tried this one.

I know it works. The condition of the cull I used simply does not do justice to the process. For those so inclined give it a try and please share your results with me. Be sure there is no wax or oil on the coin. The oil and wax will resist the U. Scrub the coin well with a good dish washing detergent, dry and avoid handling the coin with fingers. I moved the coin about and flipped in solution using my Bamboo stick.

I suspect I may be the butt of jokes for a period of time as a result of my latest contribution to the coin world. That is fine and I realize we are all laughing together. However, there will be those who will thank me. Be sure and let me know what kind of results you get. I think HU is a good reference term.. God Bless.. Jerry..


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That was great information coming from you Jerry. And no doubt, using urine on coins would be very effective. Reading your article at first, seem ridiculous, but as I kept on I noticed that it was really effective.

Anonymous said...

I think the PH of the urine would also have a effect on it. At sometime the urine might be more acidic and other times it may be more

Anonymous said...

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Rose said...

Wow! certainly not something I would have thought of, quite an unexpected read

taotianone said...

We sometimes forget that in ancient times, urine was considered a chemical comodity and was collected and sold. It was commonly used in fulling woolen cloth and sometimes in tanning.

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