Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bronze Disease: Fast Track Cure!

Many ancient coin enthusiasts have heard of bronze disease before encountering the dreaded rot! I will not get into the chemistry of bronze disease but I will offer you a quick and viable solution that has worked for me for years. I can help fast track you to the only solution that has worked for me. Please see the attached photo of my Zapped and cleaned coins.
In order to use my technique you will need to join one of my Yahoo groups, CoinZappers. On CoinZappers I have created schematics to help you build a very simply and inexpensive Trickle Zapper. In addition, I will share my long years of experience and the success I have had. My CoinZapper URL is as follows: When joining simply state that "Jerry invited you."

I have Zapped thousands of coins and I have never had a problem with BD. I have had problems with coins I have purchased from others. I can often eradicate the problem in 5 minutes or so. I have never had the BD return once I Zapped using my technique. Sesquicarbonate certainly is not the answer. Many coins/artifacts need to be soaked in the sequicarbonate solution for a year or so and then it is very possible and often likely the BD will return.

Why do I do this at no charge? I am a retired college art prof and I enjoy teaching. Nothing less and nothing more. I really enjoy seeing others succeed with their coin restoration and cleaning efforts as I have.. See you at CoinZappers.. God Bless.. Jerry..

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Coin Auction said...

Many have never even heard of bronze disease. Good information.