Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Is Not A Roman Dime

I have created a new technique for photographing coins and I am very excited. I think the most naive photographer will be able to have success with my new "Coin Photo Box".. I am still tweaking but the greatest thing about the unit is my ability to focus light right where I want it and the results are quick and right on the money.

I have now shot dozens and dozens of photographs and the problem one normally encounters with reflective surfaces is all but eliminated. Take a look at the accompanying photograph. This photograph is typical of the results I am getting with enormous consistency. Let me know what you think of the photograph you see posted. Would you be satisfied with these results?

One of my friends will be putting the "Box" through its paces soon and I look forward to his feedback. He is excited as I am and I am eager to see his results. He has seen the results I am getting. Thanks for reading and if you have questions, please ask. I will not be sharing a lot about this unit until I have it pretty much perfected.

I have been using the Box for some time now and there are no outstanding issues. If I am correct, this unit will be put Easy Coin Photography within the reach of all newbies and the Box will greatly enhance the abilities of those who have been shooting coins for an extended period of time.. Thank you for reading and God bless.. Jerry..


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David said...

Hi Jerry,

I am very much enjoying your site. You have some very nice articles, and some useful info.


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Jessica said...

Arg it appears you have spammer bots that hit your site. You should remove those posts as I fail to see what Sex & DVD have to do with your blog. LOL

All in all great pictures. I've not seen any of the BU, proof or encapsulated coins yet but looking forward to what your using & technique. Especially since I'm the one who takes pictures of the coins for our website.