Thursday, November 12, 2009

How To Buy Ancient Coins On eBay

Many members write me about buying coins on eBay and I have what I think is a good method for eBay buying. Is is not rocket science but I know my approach to buying does work. I have bought successfully on eBay and I continue to bid on eBay coins. First of all I take a look at the vendors return policy and if he/she does not have a policy stated I then write and ask his/her return policy. I ask if satisfaction is guaranteed and I ask if the vendor will accept returns.

If the vendor's return policy is viable I then bid. I think it is very important to take a look at the dealer's rating. I think anything below 98% should be a red flag.
I hope this helps those who are reluctant to bid. I would also like to see this post stimulate conversation and I would like to see other's opinions. Thank you for reading and God Bless.. Jerry..


Anonymous said...

There's also a few other "red flags" to look for when buying ancient coins on ebay.

First is "private" auctions/bidders or feedback. If the seller is hiding his feedback or more commonly the ancient coin auctions bidders list as "private" and therefor hidden they definitely are hiding something - Usually a good sign that they are knowingly selling fakes.

Second is to use the few "blacklists" maintained online by the yahoo group CFDL (Coin Forgery Discussion List) and the website "FORVM". Both have an extensive list of well known and persistent fake ancient coin ebay sellers that you would be wise to avoid.

There's also a short but informative page on ebay UK on spotting fake ancient cons on ebay.

Lightw4re said...

Fake ancient coin ebay sellers usually come from China like for canadian circulating coins ?

marcus said...

Just built a Zapper from the general instructions. fantastic !!
I am now trying it out on some local detector finds.

Retired Englishman living in Spain.