Friday, July 18, 2008

A Penny For Your Thoughts

I am seeking the numismatic expertise of members and readers of my blog relative to the US Penny. The penny as currency is pretty much worthless. The copper content of each coin is 1.3 times the value of the coin itself. Environmentalists are calling for a cessation of copper mining. Thus, the outcry to terminate the penny as currency is growing louder.

There are rumors the penny will no longer be minted after 2009. I knew I had a question in here someplace so here it is. Should I begin to buy common rolls of pennies to put back for my grandchildren? If the answer is yes, is there a “better” penny for me to invest in such as the solid copper penny? I have very few US coins and consequently, I am pretty much in the dark.
Please write me at and advise me if you will. Thank you very much for reading and please bookmark my site. By the way, I hope you like my penny photo.. God Bless.. Jerry..


Anonymous said...

They have been saying they are going to try to kill the penny for years. Charities are the biggest lobby that stop it along with collectors. The copper content is not an reason for current issue pennies as they are 97.5% zinc.

Check this link for current raw metal value of us coins.

Anonymous said...

iIheard that you are good at penny pinching so why dont you tell us what you will do if they stop the penny production.God Mess

Anonymous said...

For the Lincoln Cent collector: They will never stop making cents because of taxes,gas-cigs,alcahol. 2008 is the last year of the memorial cent an 09 will have 4 diffrent P's an D's. The S proof will be 1 kind for each different cent. This year cent is being compared to the 1909 Lincoln cents. They will be HIGHLY sought after in rolls an proofs. 2010 cents will again be different with the exception of Lincoln's bust back on the front, back is unknown at this time, These cents will be made of steel like the 1943's with no copper coating. Hope this helps those interested.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard anything about the 2009 quarters now that the statehoods have come to an end?