Monday, September 3, 2007

Zappers: A Couple Of Very Useful Tips

This article is directed specifically to those who zap coins. Zappers, it is wise to keep your zapping equipment clean. Be sure and drop your alligator clip(s) and hanging wire in white vinegar after each zapping session. The vinegar neutralizes the sodium carbonate and helps prevent SC buildup. Leave the clip(s) in the vinegar until all fizzing ceases.

Next, rinse the clips and dry with a paper towel or cloth. If non-copper clips are not dipped in the vinegar and rinsed the clips with erode over a period of time. I use solid copper clips and I use the vinegar rinse. The cleaning vinegar can be saved in a separate container and used until the vinegar loses its strength.

One other very important thing you should do is clean the surface of the cathode before zapping. A Dremel with a stainless or brass brush will do the job. In addition, always clean the hanging wire on your clip really well. The copper wire oxidizes and makes for very poor contact if not clean. I use my Dremel with a stainless rotary brush to clean the “crook” where the copper wire comes in contact with the cathode.

One can also use a fine grit sandpaper to lightly sand the area that is in contact with the cathode. A nifty little tip is to use a ¼ inch length of dowel and wrap with sandpaper and use to reach into the crook of the hanger. My tips are based on experience and I can assure you the tip I am sharing is one of the most important. Thank you for reading. Please bookmark my site and take a look from time to time.. God Bless.. Jerry..

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